Wonderfully mad grooves from the great Alessandro Alessandroni – and a set that seems to draw on all of his mighty talents at once! Some numbers have a soul jazz groove, with great lead piano from the maestro – others have cool wordless vocals, or maybe even a bit of whistling – all those hip touches that Alessandroni brought not just to his own soundtrack work, but to the help he gave so many other composers on their best 60s recordings – yet served up here in a batch of ultra-rare tracks recorded by the man himself, and only issued on the small Cometa sound library label! Album features 15 titles in all – all nice and groovy – with titles that include “Girovago”, “Louisiana Gospel”, “Apice”, “Prismatico”, “Baia D’Argento”, “Meridione”, “Colori D’Oro”, “White Club”, and “Trotterellando”.

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01. Louisiana Gospel
02. Allegra Brigata
03. Girovago
04. Rivolta Armata
05. Baia D'Argento
06. Prismatico
07. Alta Stagione
08. Apice
09. Biciclettando
10. White Club
11. Quiete Del Sud
12. Residenza Estiva
13. Trotterellando
14. Meridione
15. Colori D'Oro

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