After the success of the first Alessandroni Proibito box set, which sold out in pre-sale before it even hit the stores, Four Flies is proudly back with Volume 2 of the compilation. This new release too features five exclusive 7-inches, housing a total of 10 seriously rare tunes. All previously unreleased in physical format, the tracks have been carefully selected from the soundtracks of five obscure Italian films from the late ‘70s – sexy flicks that flirted with the line between erotic and explicit, and which are now largely forgotten, having been out of circulation for decades.

As was the case with the previous volume of the compilation, Alessandroni's music rises above the films' flimsy plots, improvised actors, and amateurish production, exuding his distinctive touch thanks to the (typically Italian) artisanal approach he took to his musical craft. The composer let his creativity run free, playing with his instruments at home as if he were in his own little amusement park; trying to have fun and produce something entertaining and captivating with just the few means at his disposal.

This creative freedom turned even budget limitations into musical strength. Armed with just a 4-track Teac, Alessandroni recorded the rhythmic elements first and then added layers of melodic variations on top, at times relying on wordless vocals provided by skilled family members (Alessandroni himself in “Racing”, or his wife Giulia De Mutiis in “Ticket”), and at others on affordable or readily available instruments from the Italian folk tradition, such as the mandolin, the accordion, the melodica, or the diatonic harmonica. And of course, let’s not forget his unmistakable guitar! Whether classical or electric, it's the heartbeat of every track in this compilation, from the seductive suspense of “Luci Rosa” (i.e., ‘pink lights’) to the groovy disco-funk of “Snake Disco (Reprise)”, all the way to the brilliant proto-wave of “Climax.” To top it off, a splash of DIY electronica – think minimalist drum machines and quirky synths – injects a modern feel into what we now call Italian erotic sound.

This time as well, the box set comes with artwork by Eric Adrian Lee, along with a matching 30x70cm folded poster inspired by the insert-size posters that used to deck out movie theaters.

  • 5 x 7-inch Box Set
  • 30x70cm Poster
  • Limited Edition of 400

01. Luci Rosa
02. Ragazza di Campagna
03. Snake Disco (Reprise)
04. Tahiti Joint
05. Miss X
06. Modeling
07. Ticket (Versione Sexy)
08. Primi Approcci
09. Climax
10. Racing

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