Through renowned father of the midnight movies Alejandro Jodorowsky's intensely personal lens, Endless Poetry tells the story of his years spent as an aspiring poet in Chile in the 1940's. Against the wishes of his authoritarian father, the 20 year old Jodorowsky leaves home to pursue his dream of becoming a poet, and is introduced into the bohemian and artistic inner circle of Santiago where he meets Enrique Lihn, Stella Diaz Varín, Nicanor Parra, all unknown at the time, but who would later become driving forces of 20th century Hispanic literature.

Living with these inspirational artists, Jodorowsky's exploration of his inner feelings takes him on a journey of sensual experimentation leading him to realize his innermost desires and passions. Continuing the autobiographical story, he began in The Dance of Reality, Endless Poetry is an ode to the quest for beauty and inner truth, as a universal force capable of changing one's life forever, written by a man who has dedicated his existence to creating spiritual and artistic awareness, told through Jodorowsky's unique surreal and psychedelic visual language.

15 of the 19 tracks contained on the Endless Poetry: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack were composed and performed by Alejandro's son Adan Jodorowsky (aka Adanowsky), who also stars in the film, portraying his own father as a young man. "When I compose music for films, it is the experience of allowing a dialog that has no words to emerge," Adan commented. "It is a dialog that is there, hiding in the story, and I become a channel in which the untold comes alive through music. So, in this case, I revealed a family sound story that has many landscapes, from mist to light." Multi-instrumentalist composer/arranger Jon Handelsman also contributes four songs to the soundtrack.

  1. Matucana – Adan Jodorowsky
  2. Verde – Adan Jodorowsky
  3. Gateau et violon – Jon Handelsman
  4. Cadeau – Jon Handelsman
  5. Maricon – Adan Jodorowsky
  6. Hermanas cereceda – Adan Jodorowsky
  7. Ricardo y Alejandrito beso – Adan Jodorowsky
  8. Diablo al alma – Adan Jodorowsky
  9. Robo a la luz de la luna – Adan Jodorowsky
  10. Café Iris Street – Adan Jodorowsky
  11. Stella and Alejandro – Adan Jodorowsky
  12. Los mineros – Adan Jodorowsky
  13. Ya no soy virgen – Adan Jodorowsky
  14. God Doesn't Exist – Adan Jodorowksy
  15. Casa de enrique – Adan Jodorowsky
  16. Los mendigos sagrados – Adan Jodorowsky
  17. Me voy – Adan Jodorowsky
  18. Si jamais – Jon Handelsman
  19. Sueño sin fin* – Jon Handelsman
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