Alan Tew's Drama Suite Part II is full of cool, low-slung heavy-funk rollers with relaxed brass and alto flute phrases. "The Fence (a)" was sampled for "Action Satisfaction" by J5, and "Drama Backcloth (1a)" was pilfered for "Outta Town Shit" by Ghostface Killah in 2006. As with all of our KPM re-issues, the audio for Drama Suite Part II comes from the original analogue tapes and has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis. And as usual, the sleeve reproduction duties were handed over to Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity.

A1. The Rub (2:27)
A2. Money Runner (2:15)
A3. White Elephant Walk (1:24)
A4. White Elephant Walk (Link) (0:07)
A5. Walking Link (0:18)
A6. Master Plan (3:26)
A7. Night Watch (2:12)
A8. The Fence (Version A) (1:49)
A9. The Fence (Version B) (2:11)
A10. Surveillance (1:33)
B1. Total Silence (1:26)
B2. Eyes (0:47)
B3. Drama Backcloth (1a) (1:38)
B4. Drama Backcloth (1b) (0:17)
B5. Drama Backcloth (2) (0:59)
B6. Drama Backcloth (3) (0:17)
B7. Drama Backcloth (4) (0:24)
B8. Scenechange (1) (0:17)
B9. Scenechange (2a) (0:10)
B10. Scenechange (2b) (0:24)
B11. Scenechange (2c) (0:25)
B12. Scenechange (3a) (0:17)
B13. Scenechange (3b) (0:17)
B14. Scenechange (4) (0:15)
B15. Scenechange (5) (0:21)
B16. Scenechange (6a) (0:25)
B17. Scenechange (6b) (0:21)
B18. Scenechange (7) (0:10)
B19. Scenechange (8a) (0:12)
B20. Scenechange (8b) (0:30)
B21. Scenechange (9) (0:51)
B22. Brass Statement (0:05)
B23. Final Statement (0:47)

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