In October 2014, Wyrd War invited legendary soundtrack composer, sound designer, and pioneering synth maestro Alan Howarth to Portland, Oregon’s Hollywood Theatre to perform a selection of his work spanning more than three decades in the film industry. Alan Howarth Live at Hollywood Theatre is a spirited homage to Howarth’s collaborations with John Carpenter on such masterpieces as Escape From New York, Big Trouble in Little China, They Live, Christine, Halloween III: Season of the Witch and Prince of Darkness. 45 minutes of brooding and electrifying cinematic dirges mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk, and featuring a massive full color 6-panel insert interview conducted by Dennis Dread shortly before the concert, this latest release in the eclectic and carefully curated Wyrd War arsenal gets down to business like a lost mix tape from hell’s finest video store. The essential soundtrack for all Halloween invocations! Please be kind…rewind.

  • Plays like a perfect mix tape from your wildest 80s nightmares!
  • Includes a beautiful 6-panel insert with full color vintage photos from Alan Howarth’s personal archives and a sprawling career-spanning interview conducted by label boss Dennis Dread
  • Professionally recorded and edited by Alan Howarth himself
  • Mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk
  • Solid black vinyl
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