Dark ambient synth album by Alain Pierre for Belgium's first long animated picture, Jan Zonder Vress (1984), directed by Jef Cassiers. Teenage horror cult from Flanders - full cartoon art. The score ranges from catchy synthesizer tunes over upbeat medieval melodies with an eighties make-over, to near-atmospheric ambient, and the theme song is an earworm that's nested deep into the collective memory of every Flemish person who had a TV in the late eighties and nineties. This is the maiden vinyl voyage for Ghent's maverick internet broadcasting crew, Stroom.

As spelt out in Jef Cassiers’ sleeve notes, composer Alain Pierre went above and beyond the call of duty to create the evocative soundtrack for Jan Zonder Vrees – or John The Fearless in english – presenting a total of 1238 individual effects for the 80 minute movie, when most soundtracks of that time would use only around 750.

Empirical evidence aside though, Pierre uses stacks of synths (ARP 2600 × 2, Oberheim OB-4voix, Roland Juno-6, Yamaha DX7, EMS AKS) organs, samplers, vocoders and FX to really captures a wide range of feelings individual to film’s Belgian provenance, from lowlands gloom and dry proto-techno drum machines to wistful baroque themes and night-gaze romance, with some crucially daft, even sozzled dance themes stirred in – it is a kid’s film after all.

  • 180 gram vinyl; Comes in a gatefold sleeve; Includes a download code

01. Intro + Thema 07:27
02. Het Geheim Van Tijs 01:56
03. Fluitende Jan 00:23
04. De Overval Van Jan 00:52
05. Jan En Zijn Moeder 00:34
06. Het Duel Op Het Kerkhof 01:59
07. Afscheid Van Moeder Neeltje 00:54
08. De Ontdekking Van Dokus 01:11
09. Het Verhaal Over Kludde 02:10
10. Gerechtigheid Voor Jan 01:26
11. st Op De Markt 01:47
12. ekamp Tussen Jan En Balt 04:29
13. Feest In Het Kasteel 03:20
14. De Heer Van Moerzeke 03:43
15. Zonder Titel 03:22
16. Carosse 00:50
17. Het Gevecht Tussen Jan En De Baron 01:37
18. Kludde 02:26
19. Het Thema Van Alwina 04:26
20. Een Moment Tussen Jan En Alwina 01:08
21. Het Huwelijk Van Jan En Alwina 00:57

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