The destructive power surpassing Godzilla! The flying power superior to the radon! The biggest monster in the history of challenging modern science and fiercely exercising! "Great monster balun"

The CD which was released in the past was premierized in the second hand market, and the soundtrack of Toho special effects movie incompetent masterpiece "Large monster balan" which had become almost impossible to obtain was recorded in the Japanese public version as well as all the overseas TV version Although
it is a work boasting of core popularity among special effects fans / movie music fans as a final board of 2 sets, it is a work that boasts of a core popularity, but since the CD conversion by analog remastering was done, some songs are excluded This work which was hardly accessed to master tapes even in relapse board and compilation board is commercialized with first and full digital mastered aspire this time! It remains on master tape by engineer who has worked for Toho special effects soundtrack for many years Remastering of craftsmanship performed utilizing the original sound! New unreleased songs are also recorded and "Frankenstein vs. underground monsters (Barragon)" (CIN K32), the final stage following "Frankenstein's Monster Sanda vs. Guira" (CINK 33), "King Kong's Counterattack" (CINK 37) appears! 羅 羅 富 Wei 羅羅 杜 We!

Disc 1
01. Main title (Movie version "Large monster balun") 
02. Mystery and rocket (Theater version "Monster Balance")
03. Iwatani Buraku (Movie version "Large monster balun") 
04. Anger of Samurai Wei (Movie version "Monster Balance") 
05. Samurai Da Wei Goddess (Movie version "Monster Balance") 
06. Balan's Rage I (Movie version "Monster Balance")
07. Balan's Lake (Movie version "Large Monsters Balun") 
08. Balan's Rage II (Movie version "Monster Balance") 
09. Fly Balan (Movie version "Monster Balance") 
10. Baran Appearance (Movie version "Large Monsters Balun") 
11. Balans vs. Self Defense Force I (Movie version "Large monster balun") 
12. Balans versus SDF II (Theater version "Monster Balance") 
13. Balan vs. Self-Defense Force III (Theater version "Monster Balance") 
14. Balans versus SDF IV (Theater version "Great monster balun") 
15. Special train dispatch (Theater version "Great monster balun") 
16. To Balan Haneda (Movie version "Large Monsters Balun") 
17. Special gunpowder (Movie version "Large monster balun") 
18. Baran Revival (Movie version "Large Monsters Balun")
19. Ending (Movie version "Large monster balun")
20. Main Title (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
21. Main Title (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
22. Main Title (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
23. Mystery and rocket (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
24. Mystery and rocket (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
25. Wrath of Samurai Wei (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
26. Appearance of balun (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
27. Special gunpowder (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
28. Ending (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)

Disc: 2
01. Main title (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" first part)
02. Rocket and the Oriental monster (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" the first part) 
03. Self-Defense Force Attendance (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" Part 1) 
04. Balan's Lake (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" Part 1) 
05. Baran's appearing (TV version "Large monster balun" the first part) 
06. Yuriko's Crisis (TV version "Great Monster Balun" Part 1) 
07. Rescue (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" Part 1) 
08. Fly Baran (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" Part 1)
09. Main title (TV version "Large monster balun" second part)
10. Introduction (TV version "Large monster balun" second part) 
11. Evacuation order (TV version "Large monster balun" second part) 
12. To Balan Haneda (TV version "Large monster balun" second part) 
13. Special gunpowder (TV version "Large monster balun" second part) 
14. Balan Resurrection (TV version "Large Monsters Balun" Second Part) 
15. Ending (TV version "Large monster balun" second part)
16. Rocket and Oriental monster (MONO) (BONUS TRACK)
17. Rocket and Oriental monster (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
18. Rocket and Oriental monster (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
19. Self-Defense Force Attendance (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
20. Introduction (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
21. Special gunpowder (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
22. Special gunpowder (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
23. Crying of the balun (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
24. Appearance from the lake (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)
25. Baran's footsteps (MONO) (BONUS TRACKS)

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