Earth SOS! A big monster of fear sucking up both buildings and humans! "Space Monster Dogora"

The CD which was released in the past is premiered in the second hand market, and the soundtrack of the Toho special effects movie "Space Great Monsters Dogora", which was almost impossible to obtain, plus the bonus track As the final stage that included valuable sound source of Akira Ito including the first commercialization as a final stage, it is re-invaded from space in search of carbon! Although it is a work proud of cult popularity among special effects fans / movie music fans, This album, which had hardly been accessed to master tapes even in relapse boards and compilation boards except for some songs since CD was made by mastering, is finally the first to ever crush digital mastering of all songs Commercialization! Lima of craftsmanship done utilizing the original sound remaining in master tape by engineers who have worked for Toho special effects sound artist for many years Taling! It also includes the main part specification songs additionally, the final stage following "Frankenstein vs. Underground Monsters (Barragon)" (CINK 32), "Frankenstein Monster Sanda v. Guira" (CINK 33), "King Kong's Counterattack" (CINK 37) Appeared!

01. Opening
02. Main title 
03. Radio music I
04. Radio Music II
05. Midnight Monster 
06. Safety light emitter 
07. Thermal Power Station Changes 
08. Coal Truck
09. Emitter appearance
10. Space cell Dogora
11. Rock of Rock 
12. Battle of Kitakyushu
13. Dogora disappears 
14. Earth SOS 
15. Degora's natural enemy 
16. Dragola's Fury 
17. Dogora vs SDF 
18. Victory Explosion
19. Ending 
20. Main Title (Bonus Track)
21. Degora's natural enemy (bonus track)
22. Dogora vs. SDF (bonus track)
23. Dogora vs. SDF (Movie Version) (Bonus Track)
24. Dogora vs. SDF (edit) (bonus track)
25. Cosmic Cell Sound (Bonus Track)
26. Sound of Adult Dogora (Bonus Track)
27. Sound of dividing cells (Bonus track)
28. "President and female clerk" (Shochiku · 1948) (Bonus track)
29. "Name Detective Hiroshi" (Toho Educational Movie · 1949) (Bonus Track)
30. "People who move swalls" (Nichimen Science Cinema · 1954) (Bonus Track)
31. "Snow on Snow" (Nikkatsu Science Film · 1961) (Bonus Track)
32. "Sakuma Dam Part 2" (Iwanami Film · 1955) (Bonus Track)
33. "Girls Nakko" (Nikkatsu · 1955) (Bonus Track)
34. "The Sea Fucks" (Nikkatsu / 1957) (Bonus Track)
35. "Thirteen Assassins" (Toei · 1963) (Bonus Track)
36. "Ieyasu Tokugawa" (Toei · 1965) (Bonus track)
37. "The Last Escape" (Toho · 1957) (Bonus Track)
38. "Chusadonaki Hanas Volume and Snow Volume" (Toho · 1962) (Bonus Track)

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