Released in 1989, Redneck Zombies was an early “shot on video” horror movie, that was released direct to the VHS home market. Distributed by Troma, this movie follows the dark humor and extreme gore that is trademark of the Troma brand. Adrian Bond brings us 15 low fi tracks; including four tongue in cheek vocal songs and 11 tracks of 80s synth underscore.

  • Limited first run of 500 LPs pressed is on blood red colored vinyl! 

01. Beginning Of The End
02. Love Theme (Opening Titles)
03. Redneck Zombies Blues
04. Stabbing Eyeballs
05. I Feel Funny
06. Chemical Nuclear Warefare Toxic Waste Barrel Polka
07. Got Munch Suite
08. Leggo My Leg, Yo
09. Spitting Body Ache
10. Great Gobs Of Zombie Guts
11. Tomorrow's Blue Plate Special
12. Cabin Fever
13. Subliminal Satanic Track (Do Not Play Backwards!)
14. Redneck Zombies (End Credits)
15. Ellie May's Lament

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