The self-titled debut document by Argentinean underground entity Acid Twilight spans shifting dunes and darknesses of lunar modal psychedelia, in pursuit of “climatic music of a high order.” Their method mixes “ancestral sounds” with contemporary techniques, weaving synthesizers, organs, and electric guitar among Andean rattles, bells, tarkas (a war flute used in indigenous battles), and field recordings from Bolivia and Peru. The songs swerve between high desert séance and swamp ritual, improvised and elemental, low-lidded devotionals for starlit vanishing points. An hour's march across the ancient mesa, dreaming of fires in the sky.

01. The Invisible Meaning
02. Midnight Sun
03. Days of Devotion
04. Hollow Road
05. Close to the Void
06. Acid Twilight
07. Essential Nowhere
08. Esoteric Ghost
09. Revelation Blues
10. Mystic Sunday

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