"Original motion picture soundtrack to Umberto Lenzi's 1981 jungle shocker Cannibal Ferox, aka Make Them Die Slowly, composed and performed by Roberto Donati, aka Budy Maglione. Limited to 1,000 copies, housed in a deluxe tip-on jacket with color insert featuring liner notes and photos from the film. Contains four bonus tracks not included in the original score. The most fame Donati ever received was probably for his soundtrack to Umberto Lenzi's exploitation shocker Cannibal Ferox, a notorious video nasty labeled as "the most violent movie ever made," which was banned or severely cut in 31 countries. Cannibal Ferox is often described as one of horror filmdom's golden grails and holds its own among other contemporary classics like Cannibal Holocaust, The Beyond, and Zombi 2. Praised by composers and directors all over the world. Eli Roth described it as 'powerful tribal, pounding stuff' and used it as an inspiration when editing his new movie The Green Inferno (which is an homage to the Cannibal film genre). Like many of the Italian cannibal films, the soundtrack is just as powerful and effective as the disturbing butchery. The use of funk guitar, bass, rock piano and synthesizer makes for a fun yet still powerful sound. Its '70s recklessness with an '80s sensibility, perfect for a film that rides the line between two decades. Surprisingly funky and light-hearted, but then again there are cues which are genuinely mean and foreboding, serving as an essential piece that makes the film a pulse-pounding inferno of death. One Way Static Records is now proud to announce the release of this historical motion picture soundtrack on vinyl and cassette. All packaged in deluxe editions with extensive liner notes. Also included are several bonus tracks making this effort the most complete and accurate presentation of the soundtrack to date."

01. NYC Main title
02. Cannibal Ferox Theme
03. Killing 2 Parrots
04. Into The Bush
05. Jungle Jive
06. Jaywalkin’ Iguana
07. Piranhas
08. NYC Brass

09. Kettle Of Doom
10. Mike Flips Out
11. NYC Aftermath
12. Man Hunting*
13. Chase*
14. On The Trail*
15. Evil Rising*

* Bonus Tracks

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