Blind Faith Records present Piero Piccioni's soundtrack for the 1969 film Camille 2000. Rome, Aventino, one of the most amazing neighborhoods in the South area of the capital city. In an old garage, fully stored and preserved, tons of 1/4 inch tapes represent the monumental and brilliant work of one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century: the master Piero Piccioni. Caring for, listening to, and taking stock is his son Jason, Blind Faith Records have asked him to select three, out of many, chapters of the master's work, three scores to be rescued and brought to light in all their expressive and communicative power. Camille 2000 marks the first in the ongoing series. Never before published on vinyl, it was carefully transferred from the original masters and embellished with several unpublished alternative takes and fragments. The work of restoration was performed by Giuliano Radiciotti, while the material was mastered was by multi Grammy winner Brian Lucey. Jason on the music of Camille 2000: "I remember when I heard this music for the very first time in my father's studio in the early 90s. It was truly something revolutionary. It sounded so contemporary that it seems it was written in those days. Can't believe it was twenty years before then, instead!"

A1. Pearls
A2. Slow Flute Beat
A3. Chains Of Love
A4. Charms
A5. Brasil 2000
A6. Funky Lovers
A7. Tears In Brasil
B1. Camille 2000 (Intro)
B2. Funky Lovers
B3. Ballade
B4. Tears In Brasil
B5. Tears In Rome
B6. Magic
C1. Camille 2000 Party Shake
C2. Camille 2000 Party Beat
C3. Pearls (Alternate)
C4. Pearls (Italian Style Theme)
C5. Pearls (Up Tempo Theme)
C6. Chains Of Love (Alternate)
C7. Tears In Brasil (Alternate)
D1. Echoes
D2. Easy Lovers
D3. Chains Of Love (Alternate)
D4. Camille 2000 (Outro)
D5. Brasil 2000 (Alternate)
D6. Charms (Alternate)

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