The legendary Nico Fidenco's score for the 1975 Italian-Spanish softcore sexploitation film Black Emanuelle is by turns sultry and serious, fun and funky. The sound is sophisticated, groovy, and melodically memorable, mixing Latin rhythms -- in a continuous sexual tension with the exotic images of the beautiful lead Laura Gemser -- and electronic textures that show the influence of early techno masters such as Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk.

A brand new line of gorgeous picture discs from Morricone, Cipriani, Fidenco, and more on Dagored. Since 1998, the esteemed Italian soundtrack and library reissue label Dagored has been releasing deluxe and limited vinyl reissues of classics from Morricone to Cipriani, Fidenco and more. With releases ranging from sweeping orchestral scores to blistering library jazz-funk, Dagored has always been ahead of the curve; they began reissuing obscure Poliziotteschi and horror soundtracks way back when many current reissue label heads were still in primary school. Dagored has put together a series of titles that -- given the beauty of their cover artwork -- they could not help but offer them as fabulous picture discs.

A1. Emanuelle's Theme
A2. Skin in the Wind
A3. Black Rhythum
A4. Emanuelle's Dreams
A5. Sudden Ride
A6. Wild Cry
A7. Un amore impossibile (Bonus Track)
B1. Samba Safari
B2. Hawaiian Sand
B3. Wild Strength
B4. Thoughtless
B5. Unavoidable
B6. Skin to Skin
B7. Emanuelle's Theme

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