MONDO is pleased to present Michael Kamen’s Original Score for the animated cult classic THE IRON GIANT for the first time on Vinyl.

  • Remastered for the 15th Anniversary of the film
  • Pressed on 180 gram Black Vinyl

01. The Eye Of The Storm
02. Hogarth Hughes
03. Into The Forest
04. The Giant Wakes
05. Come And Get It
06. Cat And Mouse
07. Train Wreck
08. You Can Fix Yourself?
09. Hand Underfoot
10. Bedtime Stories
11. We Gotta Hide
12. His Name Is Dean
13. Eating Art
14. Space Car
15. Souls Don’t Die
16. Contest Of Wills
17. The Army Arrives
18. Annie And Dean
19. He’s A Weapon
20. The Giant Discovered
21. Trance-Former
22. No Following
23. The Last Giant Piece

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