Launched to promote emerging electronic musicians and fledgling soundtrack composers, Spun Out Of Control’s 10th release is a tour-de-force of strictly analogue synthesizer music from Montmartre musician Michel Dupay – recording as Maine.

Following a series of digital-only EPs, album ‘IV’ is Maine’s first-ever physical release. Nearly 80 minutes of evocative electronica is presented on a high quality chrome cassette mirroring the j-card’s gold and black artwork. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies worldwide, design and layout is by Eric Adrian Lee. A download card for additional access to the complete digital files is included.

Maine on his album ‘IV’:

I have always equally loved analogue techniques and synthesized sounds, so with this album I wanted to combine the two techniques to the best of my abilities. ‘IV’ was recorded using no native plug in’s or MIDI, some songs taking months to complete. Each take was played meticulously until everything gelled. Each layer of sound would be tweaked and carefully built to create a new sound. Some synth parts have up to 8 different instruments to create the final sound. My obsession with Joe Meek and Phil Spector is to blame.

I wanted to challenge the listener into questioning if they were listening to vocals, guitar or a synth and created many subtle juxtapositions to solidify that. I used my own voice, violin, viola, bowed piano, bowed guitar, a custom built reverb unit from an old piano soundboard, a Leslie speaker for chorus, an old banking hall for live reverb, absolutely everything was deconstructed, reanalysed, replayed and re-recorded until it was perfect in the moment.

It means mountains to me that you have taken the time to not only read this, but to listen to the music and respond. To connect with one person in the world warrants exactly why I did this album in the first place.

01. Never Speak, Never Teach 04:19
02. Sauvette 05:06
03. The Landscape Has Changed 03:58
04. The Place No One Knew 04:02
05. Journal D'un Siècle 08:29
06. L'illusioniste 04:02
07. Doon 04:11
08. Sorcière Déesse Du Boulevard De Magenta 04:45
09. Les Amants Du Pont Neuf / Field Song 11:17
10. On Le Pleure Mort 04:56
11. Uncommon Places 05:00
12. Calcite 05:43
13. La Rivière Rouge 05:06
14. For Eugéne 03:40
15. The Landscape Has Changed (Bonus MIx) 04:01

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