For the first time ever on vinyl, Ship to Shore PhonoCo., in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment, is proud to present Hirokazu Tanaka & Keiichi Suzuki’s original soundtrack to the 1994 Super Famicom classic MOTHER 2: ギーグの逆襲 (MOTHER 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back!).

MOTHER 2, released as EarthBound in the West, is revered as one of the most offbeat and memorable RPGs. Citing influence from artists such as Brian Wilson, Frank Zappa and John Lennon, Suzuki and Tanaka created a diverse soundscape quite unlike anything that came before it.

Remastered specifically for vinyl and released outside of Japan for the first time ever, MOTHER 2 is a must have for video game music and soundtrack fans.

  • First ever vinyl release of the classic Super Nintendo soundtrack
  • Authentic Japanese art design, complete with an Obi strip
  • Remastered for vinyl by Welcome to 1979

01. Prologue
02. Onett
03. Twoson
04. Saturn Valley
05. Winters
06. Threek
07. Doko Doko Desert
08. Fourside
09. Moonside
10. Ramma
11. Summers
12. Scarabi
13. Dungeon Man
14. Cursed Jungles
15. Gumi Village
16. The Under World
17. Magicant
18. The Great Under World
19. Final Battle
20. Love & Peace
21. Ending
22. Room Number (PSI Mix)
23. Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)
24. Another 2 (PSI Mix)

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