There are two categories of artist: the ones who follow trends and integrate them, and the ones who create trends; Franco Micalizzi is one of the latter. Composer, arranger, and conductor, Micalizzi has contributed more than anyone else in Italy to the birth and formation of what has come to be known as pulp music. This LP is a summary of the musical soundtrack cult of the '70s reimagined with great new arrangements written by the maestro for his group, The Big Bubbling Band. Includes pieces from the films La banda del gobbo; Italia a mano armata; Napoli violenta; Il cinico, l'infame, il violento; and many more, concluding with a trinity drawn from Lo chiamavano Trinita', later repurposed by Quentin Tarantino in Django Unchained (2012). The strongest abilities of Franco Micalizzi? An amazing band, spacey grooves, a bit of jazz atmosphere, timeless brass-crescendo, the charm of 70's funk and... the untamable talent of the maestro!

A1. Hot Spots
A2. Italia a Mano Armata
A3. Affanno
A4. Running to the Airport
A5. Caccia al Cinese
A6. Folk and Violence
A7. Stridulum Theme
B1. Bargain With the Devil
B2. Hospital Sequence
B3. Roma a Mano Armata
B4. Delitto sull'Autostrada
B5. Big Fight
B6. Trinity

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