There are two categories of artist: the ones who follow trends and show an ability to integrate them and the ones who create trends; Franco Micalizzi is one of the latter. Composer, arranger and orchestra leader, Micalizzi has contributed more than anyone else in Italy to the birth and formation of what has come to be known as pulp music.

The strongest abilities of Franco Micalizzi? An amazing band, spacey grooves, a bit of jazz atmosphere, the timeless brass-crescendo of Micalizzi, the charm of 70’s funk and… the untameable talent of the maestro!

  • First time on vinyl!
  • 500 Hand-Numbered
  • First 200 on Light Blue (Opaque) Vinyl
  • Includes poster

A1. The Criminal Gang 3:01
A2. The False Hostage 2:04
A3. Temptation And Sledge 2:22
A4. The Cruel Kidnapper 1:41
A5. The Child And The Sister 1:18
A6. Hunting The Gang 1:06
A7. A Man Before Your Time 3:53
A8. Shall We Dance? 2:02
A9. Hard Falling 2:21
A10. Too Much Nosy 0:55
B1. Death In The Cave 1:45
B2. The No-Peace Pursuit 4:22
B3. Damned Bricks 2:03
B4. A Snare For Betti 1:31
B5. A Nosy Guy 1:05
B6. The Criminal Gang 1:37
B7. An Angel, A Devil 1:44
B8. Black And White Ending 0:52
B9. A Dirty Trick 1:04
B10. A Tree Cold Hurt 2:46

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