Succeeding Bones (2012) and Dur Au Mal (2015), the French band Blackmail present their third LP, Amore Synthétique, the original sound track for a film shot by Marcia Romano and Benoit Sabatier (2016). A love story between a girl and a... possessed synth. The link between the movie Amore Synthétique and Blackmail seems simple. The band, created in 2010 later releasing two rock albums played with analog synths, was inspired by the film Amore Synthétique, dedicating their pieces to the film's antagonist Antonio, the killer synth that mindfucks human's brains. Obviously, Christine (1983) by John Carpenter and all the giallos from the '70s come to mind. The main thing to know is that the trio composed the songs with simple keywords like "violence", "blood", or "assault" in mind. Blackmail had to record the songs from Amore Synthétique in just a month, hence the sensible urgent nature of the whole LP. While the film has been rewarded at Parisian film festivals, the sound track can be listened as a standalone piece. If you pay attention closely, you may hear the synth's voice whispering some "Je t'aime" at night. One more time, the thing is alive.

01. Un Café Pour Antonio 02:18 
02. Scooter Kebab 03:45 
03. Je Ne T'ai Jamais Autant Aimé 02:19 
04. Amore Synthétique 04:09 
05. La Baignoire 01:26 
06. Premier Contact 01:04 
07. Scooter Rond-Point 01:25 
08. Clôture 03:31 
09. Pointe Rouge 00:42 
10. Salade Tomates Oignons 03:12 
11. Scooter Plage 02:54 
12. Aprés L'amour 00:52 
13. J'appelle Les Flics 02:36 
14. Scooter Hôtel 01:49

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